About Us

Almaden Appraisals Mission Statement

Our mission at Almaden Appraisals is to provide our customers with accurate, on time appraisals by working with partners, clients, and borrowers to facilitate a professional appraisal process.


We are a fully licensed and certified appraisal company. We have been providing accurate, on time appraisals since September 2004. The professional appraisers of Almaden Appraisals are qualified, have a strong educational background, and possess unquestionable integrity.


Greg Walker – Owner Prior to founding Almaden Appraisals in September of 2004, Greg had worked with other appraisal companies as an independent fee appraiser. Greg has had specialized training in appraising residential real property, both mobile and manufactured homes, FHA appraisals, and REO appraisals.



  • Idaho State Certified Residential Real Estate Appraiser
  • Residential Real Estate Appraisal, Anthony Schools
  • Legal Considerations in Appraising, Anthony Schools
  • Math and Regulations Appraisers, Anthony Schools
  • Uniform Standards of Appraisals, Anthony Schools
  • Intermediate Real Estate Appraisal, Allied Schools
  • Appraising FHA Today, Mckissock
  • Relocation Appraising, Mckissock, ERC
  • REO Appraisals, Acheson
  • Computer Application of Real Property Data, Acheson
  • Fannie Mae URAR, Acheson
  • FHA Approved
  • Appraising Manufactured housing, Appraisal Institute